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    Kids in classroom

    Cootie Season Commences as Sitka Kids Return to School

    Healthy Tips

    The reduced driving speed in school zones, the weekday yellow bus rodeo, and the sudden lack of office supplies around town are all harbingers of the annual cold and flu season. It doesn’t matter whether kids are entering kindergarten, elementary, middle, or high school – they are all fair game when it comes to the yearly onslaught of pernicious germs. While there are some differences in how colds, influenza, and other contagions are commonly spread amongst various demographics, the bottom…

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  • Old man suffering from pain and rheumatism
    Get to Know Us Healthy Tips

    Explain Pain

    Imagine yourself winding along one of the many accessible trails on the island. The path is carved out like a scar between tree stands and muskegs, and rain is merely…

  • Cheri Hample
    Get to Know Us

    Get To Know Us – Cheri Hample

    Change is in the air at Mountainside Family Healthcare as Cheri Hample, MPH MSW, the new Clinic Manager, is welcomed to the Sitka Community Hospital team!   Cheri just stepped…

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    Plants and Animals of Sitka

    The temperate rainforest surrounding Sitka is home to some of the most interesting plants and animals in the world. Bugs, birds, fish and a variety of other species inhabit this…

  • Healthy Tips

    Father’s Day

    Father’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to give Dad something special for all the hard work he does. Making the day wonderful is easy here in…

  • Healthy Tips

    Summer Safety

    With the weather warming up and summer right around the corner, it’s important to be prepared while doing any outdoor activity. Having a dedicated “adventure bag” filled with items you…