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Get To Know Us – Cheri Hample

Get to Know Us

Change is in the air at Mountainside Family Healthcare as Cheri Hample, MPH MSW, the new Clinic Manager, is welcomed to the Sitka Community Hospital team!  

Cheri just stepped into the position on June 25th and has really appreciated how friendly and welcoming everyone has been. “As a new employee, my days are currently spent becoming acquainted with staff in the clinic and hospital departments and learning how we provide patient care.”

Cheri brings extensive experience in health care, training in the Toyota Production System of organizational management (process improvement) and commitment to excellent customer service. How would her colleagues describe her? They would tell you that she is outgoing, friendly, a team player and very organized.

“I grew up in Minnesota and am a graduate of the University of Minnesota with master’s degrees in Public Health and Social Work,” Cheri shares about herself. “I first moved to Alaska in 1980 and discovered Sitka in 1999 when I came through on a ferry headed south. I consider Sitka my heart home and moved back in late January 2017.”  

When not working, Cheri is happiest when enjoying the beauty of the water, rainforest and mountains that surround us. She takes full advantage of all the wonderful activities in Sitka, is an active community member and generous volunteer.

What is Cheri’s personal motto? “Life is change, change is life.”

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